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I have always had a fondness for British films of the 1950's/1960's as their outside location shots often give a wonderful snapshot of contemporary life and surroundings. The "Scotland Yard" films made in the 1950's and the "Edgar Wallace" and "Scales of Justice" films of the 1960's couple these qualities with my love of mid-20th century crime novels, particularly police procedurals. Obviously, they give a rather sanitised, rose-coloured view of 1950's/1960's crime but I feel they reflect audience needs and expectations of this still rather "innocent" period.

"Scotland Yard" Films

"Edgar Wallace" Films

"Scales of Justice" Films

The above series of films were all produced at the Merton Park Film Studios in London. The actor Stanley Morgan, who appeared in one "Scales of Justice", two "Scotland Yard" and five "Edgar Wallace" films, has kindly written a memoir of his time at Merton Park Studios for the site.

"A Merton Park Memoir" by Stanley Morgan

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